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Name: Nishitani Tamashi

Birthplace: Japan

Date of Birth: July 7, 1983

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 210 lbs.

Fighting Style: Shotokan Karate/Bushin

Nishitani Tamashi



     Born July 7,1983 Nishitani Tamashi was thrown into one of the greatest fighting families in history. His family were the decendants of the great master Gouki(Akuma) who was rumored had been possessed by a demon or maybe his lust for power. Either way the story is still the same, Gouki killed the creator of Shotokan Karate Goutetsu and his brother Gouken. After this nothing was heard about him and he is assumed to be dead. Tamashi's earliest memories were those of training under his father, learning the Shotokan way. When Tamashi was about ten his father took him to train under the master Gouken. Gouken only had three students Tamashi, Ryu, and Ken. Ken and Ryu eventually grew up enough that they could enter competitions. They both decided to enter the first ever Street Fighter Tournament. As they left Tamashi kept training with Gouken. Tamashi one day was on his way back from his daily run when he heard sounds of fighting going on in the dojo. Tamashi ran up to the front only to see his mother and father lying on the ground dead. Tamashi saw Gouki and Gouken in mortal combat. He watched as each master traded blow for blow. Gouken glanced at Tamashi for a split second giving him the look which Tamashi knew meant run!! Just as Gouken turned his attention away from the fight, Gouki(Akuma) landed a killing blow to gouken. After seeing this Tamashi ran to the masters living quarters and got a book he had noticed Gouken writing, since he first came to train. Hoping this had information which was important. Tamashi ran into the woods to escapethe demon. Tamashi wasn't able to outrun the demon and it appeared as if he was going to be overcome when he was pulled from the forest floor into the trees. Whatever had rescued him was now moving through the trees with silence and ease. As Tamashi saw the face of his rescuer he knew he was safe. It was Master Zeku the great Bushin Ninja. Master Zeku took Tamashi to his home in Kanazawa Japan and trained him in the art of Bushin. He was taught that he should roam the world and help the people of Japan. Tamashi trained in bushin until he was able to jump flat footed onto the top of a 10 foot fence, Master Zeku's final test. He did and he left to find his place in the world.